Chunky shoes & Unflattering colors

Chunky shoes with blocks may have made a comeback for women fashionistas, but they are again a big fashion horror for men. These square toed chunky heels looked cool way back in the nineties, but now they look! Men should always choose shoes that will never lose their appeal and always remain classic. Look for a thinner sole with a square or rounded toe. Always remember that women are judging you by your shoes so when in doubt, take one with you shopping. More at www.Schuhkiste

Unflattering colors
If you are one of the few men who likes colors in your wardrobe, then I give you props. However, if you are one of the many guys who wears colors that don’t suit your complexion, your hair color and your skin tone, then you need to listen up. Many colors might look very tempting and fetching, but if they make you look sickly and ugly, or do nothing to enhance your features, then just drop them off at Goodwill or your brother’s house and move on.

Here are a few quick tips: for you bigger guys, you should avoid solids in light pastel shades or whites. You can create an illusion of being slim by wearing vertically pinstriped shirts and trousers in very dark colors like black, navy, brown or deep maroon. Dark men should wear lighter colors. Fair skinned men can wear any color almost, but canary yellow and white is best avoided! Those colors are best left to the birds.


Bel Fiore Bridal has been selected ...

Bel Fiore Bridal has been selected as one of America’s top special occasion retailers. Rachel Esposito, owner of Bel Fiore Bridal is the featured Atlanta author of 101 Secrets Every Bride Needs to Know about Buying Wedding Attire. Compiled by Specific House Publishing of Boston and Orlando, This is the first book of its kind in the bridal/special occasion retail industry.

Publisher Rick Segel invited the most successful bridal retailers in America to contribute their best tips for the new book. To avoid confusion or competition, each selected contributor was offered market exclusivity. In Atlanta, Bel Fiore Bridal was chosen as the preferred retailer.

“Bridal attire is a highly-specialized industry,” said Rick Segel, Specific House Publishing president and author of The Retail Sales Kit for Dummies and 12 other retail how-to books. “But it’s also a localized industry. Every city has its ‘go-to’ couturier. These are the top bridal shops in the country, the ones we targeted to contribute. Collectively, these shops contain a vast goldmine of knowledge.”

Added Esposito, “This is a groundbreaking move for the bridal industry as a whole. We’re delighted to be included. We get to share our favorite tips on a national — even international — scale, with readers everywhere. We also get to learn from our peers across America. Their advice becomes added value for our customers, as well.”
101 Secrets Every Bride Needs to Know about Buying Wedding Attire is available from Specific House Publishing at and at Bel Fiore Bridal’s website


Be in Love With Christian Louboutin Replica Sandals

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Affordable Christening Gowns for baby girls available from

Fashion Kid are pleased to announce that they now stock flower embroidered baby girls christening gown dresses.

These new christening dresses are excellent quality girls dressess ideal for christenings, first communion, weddings, bridesmaid and other special occasions.

The main features of these new dresses are as follows:

* Christening baby girls Gown has a lovely Floral Corsage.
* Christening girls Gown has flowery lining.
* The baby dress is Short-Sleeve while the Christening robe is sleeveless
* Baby girls dress has a embedded flower on the waist center
* Christening dress skirt has flower patterned embroidery
* The baby girls Christenings dress has a beautiful ribbon back bow.
* Button on the back of the dress.
* This baby girls dress comes with a lovely Christening hat

You can see the new range of Christening dresses at:


Eco-friendly materials Kangol

The inclusion of bamboo in Kangol's SS11 collection is due to both aesthetics and environmental considerations. This conscious decision was made upon the fact that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth; some varieties can grow 80 feet in 4 weeks, making it a sustainable resource.

Kangol have also put careful consideration into their manufacturing techniques. Due to new regulations the term bamboo can only be used to describe textile fibers taken directly from the bamboo plant, without using the chemical processes to make rayon. Kangol’s bamboo collection has been tested and can lawfully be labelled bamboo, therefore it’s manufacture lacks the chemical processes previously associated with bamboo garments and hence is more environmentally friendly.


Winter collection Style Addict

While the fashion pack gear up for their biannual style fest, heels, apparently are going down. Who would Adam and Eve it? Fashionista’s of the highest order in flat shoes, now this has to be seen to be believed. Style bibles far and wide have been spreading the word: flats are back! And with the high priestess of fashion Anna Wintour donning the look, who are we to argue?

However, you can forget dusting off your old ballet pumps from the back of the cupboard, the new flat heeled look is androgynous and edgy. Think tomboy loafers, brogues and desert boots, while Dr Martens and biker boots provide a tougher vibe reminiscent of the late 80s, early 90s.

At the Winter collections androgyny played a key role at Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Wang, meanwhile the likes of Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn have been endorsing the boyish look since spring